10 ways to increase the frequency of visiting the site by the robot of searching systems

Regular and frequent visits of searching robot (bot) is the first sign that Google drew attention to your site. Therefore, the most effective way to get frequent and detailed “crawl” of your site by the bot is to develop the site in such a way that search engines considered it important and valuable.

Note that you can not compel Google-bot to visit your site more often – what you can do is invite him to visit the site. Available steps that you can take to improve the frequency of visits to the site include:

1. Update the contents of the site frequently and regularly (and ping Google, once upgraded). Yes, it is obvious, therefore, will not go into details. In a word, add a new unique content as often as you can afford it and do it regularly (3 times a week at the time, if you can not update your site daily, or choose the best schedule for the upgrade).

2. Make sure your server works correctly: Keep track uptime and pay attention to the records about the pages, which are not «reached», that you can get through the . I can recommend a couple of other services: Pingdom and Mon.itor.us. (Pingdom is service fee includes testing the server and send SMS when faults. But you can test the service for free within a month. Mon.itor.us is a free service).

3. Watch the time of the download page: Please note that «scanning» of the site works balanced. If «scanning» lots of images and PDF-files takes too much time, the robot will not have time to visit other pages.

4. Check the structure of internal references of the site, make sure that there is no duplication of content that is available via different URL. Again, the more time the bot spent on searching the duplicates of your content, the less useful and unique pages it visited.

5. Get more backward (incoming) links from sites that are visited regularly by the bot.

6. Adjust speed of «scanning» using .

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