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The icons are displayed in the browser address bar, while adding to favorites, when issuing a search engine. This small picture attracts attention and briefly reflects the essence of your site. I made a more detailed instruction codex wordpress, which gradually explains how to create an icon, using absolutely any picture, and how to modify WordPress template for future use.

Creating an icon.

1. Choose an image that should present your site. The size and format of the picture doesn’t matter (of course if it is not more than 2 megabytes in this case it must be a bit reduced).
2. Now you can use icon generator, for example,
3. Get the picture on the site and select the future size of an icon.
4. Once the image is generated, you’ll see an example of how it will look like, and a link to download the icon. Save the file to your computer, and make sure that it is called favicon.ico.
5. Now turn to install the icons on the site.

Icon installation in WordPress

1. If there is an old icon in a folder with your template, it must be removed.

2. Get a new favicon.ico file to a folder of your topic.

3. Copy favicon.ico also in the root of the site (for example, This will allow to display the icon in the RSS.

4. To display an icon in some older browsers, you need to edit the template file header.php.

5. Open header.php and find the code that begins with . Replace it with the code below. If you can not find anything similar, simply insert the code anywhere between the tags

/ favicon.ico” />

Save your changes.

7. If you use a cash for WordPress, clean it, then clean your browser cash. Now the icon should be displayed in the address bar after you download your site.

Note. Some browsers can hardly see the new icons. You can try to add the page to favorites, and through a link with the favoriries open again, and if that does not work, clear the cash again and restart the computer.

According to my personal observations service is quite good, its only minus is that icons are generated only at the second time.

Well, I think, the instruction explaines everything very detailed , and will be useful for beginners.

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